MP3 Music Download Super

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This is one of the most complete and popular applications to download music to your Android with millions of downloads on Google Play. With it you can listen to the tracks before downloading them, plus you can embed, along with the audio file, the lyrics and album cover of most songs available.

The 7 best apps for downloading music on Android [Video] Your look is very simple, but it is one of the apps to download more songs downloaded from Google Play (Image Source: MP3 Download)

Its interface is quite simple – it could even be prettier – but the application works so well that it is just a detail. The tracks you already have in the phone are shown along with the library that you downloaded in the app, so you can play in one place all your music.

Despite being very good, MP3 Music Download Super may not be the best app to find less popular songs, such as national, for example. To install this app you need a gadget running version 1.6 or higher Android.


Music Download Paradise

mp3 download

If you are looking for variety of collections, this is the ideal application, since one of its greatest features is precisely able to find a lot of titles, both international and Brazilian bands.

The 7 best apps for downloading music on Android [Video] Variety of поклейка обоев Минск collections is the strength of this app (Image Source: Playback / Music Download Paradise)

It has an embedded player that you can use to listen to the songs you downloaded, but overall her look is quite simple, with only a tab for playback and another for searches.

However, it stands out for being very fast time to browse the results, in addition to offering a large and varied collection. Besides, who cares паркет Минск about the quality of the files will like this player: it indicates the amount of kbps tracks before downloading. The Music Download Paradise can be used in gadgets with Android 2.1 or higher.

Free MP3 Downloader

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This application could be like everyone else on this list, but he has an advantage: if you are willing to share a post with advertising on the app on your social networks, you can get faster downloads without paying anything for it.

The 7 best apps for downloading music on Android [Video] Advertising on social networks in exchange for more speed (Image Source: Playback / MP3 Free Downloader)

Every share you make, it increases by 25% the speed of downloads of the songs. Although it is not possible to accurately measure this value, this is an interesting initiative to continue keeping the app free and offer a satisfactory speed.

The collection also surprises, and you can find, besides the most famous bands, others are less well known. To use MP3 Download is necessary to have a gadget with Android 2.2 or higher.