MP3 Music Download Super

mp3 download

This is one of the most complete and popular applications to download music to your Android with millions of downloads on Google Play. With it you can listen to the tracks before downloading them, plus you can embed, along with the audio file, the lyrics and album cover of most songs available.

The 7 best apps for downloading music on Android [Video] Your look is very simple, but it is one of the apps to download more songs downloaded from Google Play (Image Source: MP3 Download)

Its interface is quite simple – it could even be prettier – but the application works so well that it is just a detail. The tracks you already have in the phone are shown along with the library that you downloaded in the app, so you can play in one place all your music.

Despite being very good, MP3 Music Download Super may not be the best app to find less popular songs, such as national, for example. To install this app you need a gadget running version 1.6 or higher Android.


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